Blitz: Presentations IX - Session 18 (Part I): Social Comparison

Friday 7 July
9.00 - 10.40 h.


Katja Corcoran


221/17601 The influence of social comparison on breast cancer patients’ well-being

(1) Corcoran, Katja

(1) Professor of Social Psychology, Institute of Psychology, University of Graz, Graz, Austria

221/17602 Motivational influences on the selection of comparison standards in the context of health behavior

(1) Diel, Katharina; (2) Hofmann, Wilhelm

(1) Psychologist, Social Cognition Center Cologne, University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany; (2) Psychologist, Professor of Social and Economic Cognition, Social Cognition Center Cologne, University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany

221/17604 Comparing ourselves online: Effects of downward, upward, and selective social comparisons on social networking sites

(1) Johnson, Benjamin; (2) de Vries, Dian A.

(1) Assistant Professor of Communication Science, Communication Science, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; (2) Assistant Professor of Youth and Family, Department of Edu ation and Pedagogy, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands

221/17605 Social comparisons and well-being: the role of social comparison orientation

(1) Buunk, Abraham

(1) Professor of Evolutionary Social Psychology, Faculty of Behavioral and Social Science, University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands

221/1348 Evidence that social comparison with the thin ideal is an automatic process

(1) Bocage-Barthelemy, Yvana; (2) Selimbegovic, Leila; (3) Chatard, Armand

(1) POITIERS; (2) Associate Professor. Departement of psychology. University of Poitiers. Poitiers. France; (3) Professor.Departement of psychology. University of Poitiers. Poitiers. France

221/1381 Comparing measures: A data-driven approach to measuring social comparison effects.

(1) Barker, Paul; (2) Imhoff, Roland

(1) Psychologist. Social Cognition Center Cologne. University of Cologne. Cologne. Germany.; (2) Psychologist. Professor. Department of Social and Legal Psychology. Johannes Gutenberg University. Mainz. Germany.