Round Table Discussion: Building Support for Social Psychologists at Risk

Thursday 6 July
18.20 - 19.30 h.
Manuel Falla


Manuela Barreto
Chair and EASP President

Members of the Platform for Social Psychologists in Turkey

Fouad Bou Zeineddine

Katherine Reynolds
President of ISPP


Across the world, academics in general and social psychologists in particular are increasingly facing hard times. Some are having to flee from conflict and war. Some are facing religious, political and other forms of persecution. Others are the target of repression from authoritarian regimes. And yet others are caught up in travel bans and other exclusionary measures. EASP, in conjunction with ISPP, has already taken a number of measures in responses to specific crises, notably in Turkey. How should we and how can we go further? What are the most pressing needs of our colleagues at risk and how can we meet them? The aim of this session is to hear from such colleagues, to learn about current initiatives, and – most importantly – to generate ideas for new, effective forms of solidarity. All members are invited to come and contribute to this urgent discussion.