Round Table Discussion: The EASP Diversity Report

Wednesday 5 July
18.20 - 19.30 h.
Manuel Falla


Stephen D. Reicher

Boglárka Nyúl

Torun Lindholm

Nóra Anna Lantos


EASP is committed to promote and support all types of diversity within the association—gender, geographic, thematic, and methodological—and to facilitate a supportive and inclusive environment for members from a diverse membership. To ensure this goal is achieved, the Executive Committee has commissioned an analysis of the past and present situation regarding diversity within the organization across all our activities (awards, grants, meetings, etc.). A Diversity Working Party (WP) has collected and analyzed existing data to determine whether there is a need for more systematic analyses into barriers to and facilitators of diversity in EASP. In this GM session, the WP presents and discusses key findings from this project. The results include analyses of membership over time broken down by geography, gender, age, and level; data on meeting participation, Presidents, EC members, prize winners, meeting organizers, and journal editors/associate editors/editorial boards broken down by the same categories plus (where appropriate) thematic and methodological approach. The audience is invited to participate in a discussion of conclusions and practical proposals for increasing the diversity within the organization.