Symposia: 221/103 - The Psychology of Eating Animals: Morality, Ideology, and Prejudice.

Saturday 8 July
16.40 - 18.20 h.
Why do so many of us report loving and caring about animals, whilst also enjoying eating them? This everyday, neglected, morally complex behavior can tell us much about social psychology. This symposium explores human-animal relations using mainstream social psychological concepts.


Steve Loughnan
Lecturer. Psycholog. Department. University of Edinburgh. Edinburgh. Scotland.


221/10301 Are baby animals less appetising? Gender, tenderness, and appetite for meat

(1) Piazza, Jared

(1) University of Lancaster, UK

221/10302 Meat eating: an opportunity to study moral disengagement in situ?

(1) Graça, João

(1) Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), CIS-IUL, Lisboa, Portugal

221/10303 Conflicted omnivores: Incidence, associations, and implications for behavioral change

(1) Ruby, Matthew

(1) Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, USA

221/10304 The role of political ideology in predicting lapses from meat-free diets to meat consumption

(1) Hodson, Gordon; (2) Earle, Megan

(1) Professor, Brock University, Canada; (2) Brock University, Canada

221/10305 Meet your meat: How people respond to learning about animals in abstract and field settings.

(1) Loughnan, Steve

(1) Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK