Symposia: 221/218 - The Faces of Power

Saturday 8 July
9.00 - 10.40 h.
Andalucía II
Five talks discuss links between facial dominance and power. They address: 1) Do people use facial dominance to infer leadership ability? How/when? 2) Does facial dominance affect attention? 3) How does a person’s power affect how their faces are remembered?


Ana Guinote
Senior Lecturer. Experimental Psychology. University College London. United Kingdom.


221/21801 The power and the glory? The basis and consequences of judgments of power from faces.

(1) Perrett, David; (2) Holzleitner, Iris; (3) Lucia Borras G, Martha

(1) University of St Andrews; (2) University of St Andrews; (3) University of St Andrews

221/21802 Physical Strength as a Cue to Dominance: A Data-Driven Approach

(1) Schubert, Thomas; (2) Toscano, Hugo; (3) Dotsch, Ron; (4) Falvello, Virginia; (5) Todorov, Alex

(1) University of Oslo, Sweden; (2) University of Lisbon, Portugal; (3) Utrecht University, The Netherlands; (4) Princeton University, NJ, USA; (5) Princeton University, NJ, USA

221/21803 Human responses to facial cues of dominance: Directions from research on macaques

(1) Jones, Benedict; (2) Wang, Hongyi; (3) Hahn, Amanda; (4) DeBruine, Lisa

(1) University of Glasgow; (2) University of Glasgow; (3) University of Glasgow; (4) University of Glasgow

221/21804 Female Power holders’ Faces are Misremembered and Misperceived as Dominant Looking

(1) Guinote, Ana; (2) Wang, Xijing; (3) Krumhuber, Eva

(1) University College London; (2) University College London; (3) University College London

221/21805 The Many Faces of Leadership: An Evolutionary Social Psychology Approach

(1) Van Vugt, Mark; (2) Grabo, Allen Edward

(1) VU University Amsterdam; (2) VU University Amsterdam