Symposia: 221/85 - Reducing prejudice and enhancing equality: Exploring the unintended consequences of practical interventions

Friday 7 July
9.00 - 10.40 h.
Dinner 1
There are a range of government and organisational interventions designed to reduce prejudice and enhance equality. This symposium includes 5 speakers who each examine the unintended consequences of such interventions and the implications for the implementations of practical interventions.


Michelle Ryan
University of Exeter. Exeter. UK and University of Groningen. The Netherlands.


221/8501 The Demands of Diversity Philosophies: Strategic Self-Stereotyping Among Racial Minorities

(1) Kirby, Teri A.; (2) Kaiser, Cheryl R.

(1) University of Exeter, UK; (2) University of Washington, USA

221/8502 Unintended consequences resulting from media coverage of wise interventions

(1) Ikizer, Elif

(1) University of Connecticut, USA

221/8503 Body weight mindsets: The double-edged sword effects of weight beliefs on anti-fat prejudice and self-stigma

(1) Hoyt, Crystal; (2) Burnette, Jeni L.

(1) Jepson School of Leadership Studies and Department of Psychology , University of Richmond, USA; (2) Department of Psychology, North Carolina State University, USA

221/8504 Aspirational targets as a diversity management tool: Diversity outcomes and implications for inclusion.

(1) O’Brien, Anne; (2) Peters, Kim; (3) Kurz, Tim

(1) The Business School, University of Exeter, UK; (2) School of Psychology, University of Queensland, Australia; (3) Department of Psychology, University of Bath, UK

221/8505 Trapped between a rock and a hard place? Family-friendly policies and the evaluation of mothers

(1) Morgenroth, Thekla; (2) Heilman, Madeline

(1) University of Exeter, UK; (2) New York University, USA