Symposia: 221/159 - Not just a numbers game: How offer presentation and supplemental rationales influence negotiations

Thursday 6 July
16.40 - 18.20 h.
Andalucía II
In addition to what you offer, how you make the offer plays a decisive role for negotiation success. In five talks, this symposium showcases the latest research on how offer presentation affects both interpersonal relations and settlement terms in negotiations.


Alice Lee
Columbia Business School. USA.


221/15901 Limits versus Critiques: Divergent effects of constraint and disparagement rationales in negotiations

(1) Lee, Alice; (2) Ames, Daniel

(1) Columbia Business School; (2) Columbia Business School

221/15902 The Motivated-Adjustment Model of Anchoring: How the Framing of Anchors Matter in Negotiations

(1) Majer, Johann; (2) Loschelder, David; (3) Galinsky, Adam; (4) Trötschel, Roman

(1) Leuphana University; (2) Leuphana University; (3) Columbia Business School; (4) Leuphana University

221/15903 Concession Request Frames in Negotiations

(1) Bhatia, Nazli; (2) Chow, Rosalind

(1) CATÓLICA-LISBON School of Business & Economics; (2) Carnegie Mellon University

221/15905 Discussion: How you present an offer is equally as important as what you offer.

(1) Loschelder, David

(1) Leuphana University Lüneburg