Symposia: 221/162 - The moral lives of others: Person perception in moral judgment

Thursday 6 July
16.40 - 18.20 h.
Andalucía III
Moral judgments center around judgments of persons: people oftentimes ask not “is this action wrong?”, but rather “is this person good or bad?” In this symposium we demonstrate how a person-centered approach has yielded new insight into the moral mind.


Paul Conway
Florida State University. USA.


221/16201 Person Centered Morality

(1) Uhlmann, Eric Luis; (2) Zhu, Luke (Lei); (3) Tannenbaum, David

(1) INSEAD Business School; (2) University of Manitoba; (3) University of Utah

221/16202 Inference of Trust from Intuitive Moral Judgments

(1) Everett, Jim A.C.; (2) Pizarro, David; (3) Crockett, Molly

(1) University of Oxford; (2) Cornell University; (3) University of Oxford

221/16203 Asymmetrical Conformity effects in moral cognition

(1) Bostyn, Dries H.; (2) Roets, Arne

(1) Ghent University; (2) Ghent University

221/16204 The Social Implications of Dilemma Judgments

(1) Conway, Paul

(1) Florida State University