Symposia: 221/180 - The body politic: Visceral reactions to mistreatment

Thursday 6 July
14.30 - 16.10 h.
Dinner 1
A variety of methods are used to examine how mistreatment produces various visceral reactions in body (neuroendocrine, EEG/ERP, cardiovascular), mind (attention, affect, emotion, action tendencies), and action (aggression, persistence, help, confrontation, protest).


Daan Scheepers
Associate Professor of Social Psychology. Department of Social and Organizational Psychology. Leiden University. Leiden. The Netherlands.


221/18001 The hormonal impact of differing degrees of social exclusion

(1) Harris, Lasana; (2) Duffy, Korrina; (3) Stanton, Steve; (4) Chartrand, Tanya; (5) Niconchuk, Mike; (6) Guinote, Ana

(1) University College London, London, UK; (2) Duke University; (3) Oakland University; (4) Duke University; (5) University College London; (6) University College London

221/18002 Police Violence and Black Protest: Attention, Relevance, Visceral Reactions

(1) Leach, Colin W.; (2) Reinka, Mora

(1) University of Connecticut; (2) University of Connecticut

221/18003 Physiological responses to social identity threat

(1) Scheepers, Daan

(1) Leiden University, Leiden, the Netherlands

221/18004 Managing Emotions in the Face of Discrimination: Implications for Individual and Group Outcomes

(1) Richeson, Jennifer; (2) Levy, Dorainne; (3) Bodenhausen, Galen; (4) Craig, Maureen

(1) Yale University; (2) Indiana University; (3) Northwestern University; (4) New York University