Symposia: 221/56 - Sexual prejudice across EU: beliefs, language, and norms

Thursday 6 July
11.10 - 12.50 h.
Dinner 1
This symposium addresses the sexual prejudice across time in EU countries, and studies the cognitive, social, political and cultural underpinnings that promote old-fashion prejudice towards homosexuals and more strategic forms of sexual prejudice that prevent homosexuals from benefitting civil rights.


Andrea Carnaghi
Associate Professor. Department of Life Sciences. University of Trieste. Trieste. Italy.


221/5601 The Decline of Homophobia in Europe and the US: Examining Possible Causes

(1) Bartos, Sebastian Eric; (2) Hegarty, Peter; (3) Fife-Schaw, Chris

(1) University of Surrey; (2) University of Surrey; (3) University of Surrey

221/5602 Appeals to nature’ in marriage equality debates: A content analysis of traditional and social media

(1) O'Connor, Cliodhna

(1) Maynooth University

221/5603 Biological theory of sexual orientation, gay people’s dehumanization and sexual prejudice

(1) Falomir Pichastor, Juan M; (2) Berent, Jacques

(1) University of Geneva; (2) University of Geneva

221/5604 The role of heteronormative ideology in supporting the beliefs on children raised by gay-male couples

(1) Carnaghi, Andrea; (2) Anderson, Joel

(1) University of Trieste; (2) Australian Catholic University

221/5605 The impact of homophobic labels on gay men’ homophobia and body image: Coming-out as moderator

(1) Bianchi, Mauro

(1) Lusofona University, COPELABS