Symposia: 221/137 - Mechanisms of Interventions for Conflict Resolution

Thursday 6 July
9.00 - 10.40 h.
The symposium investigates mechanisms of interventions for conflict resolution. Three papers present research that develops psychological, science-based avenues to promote intergroup relations, and two papers focus upon translating such mechanisms into applicable interventions within contexts of intergroup conflict.


Smadar Cohen-Chen
Surrey Business School. University of Surrey. Guildford. United Kingdom.


221/13701 Willing and able: Outgroup Change Perceptions induce conciliatory attitudes in intergroup conflict

(1) Cohen-Chen, Smadar

(1) Surrey Business School, University of Surrey, UK

221/13702 Paradoxical thinking conflict resolution intervention: Comparison to alternative interventions and examination of psychological mechanisms

(1) Hameiri, Boaz; (2) Nabet, Eden; (3) Porat, Roni; (4) Bar-Tal, Daniel; (5) Halperin, Eran

(1) Tel Aviv University; and Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Israel; (2) Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Israel; (3) Hebrew University and Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Israel; (4) Tel Aviv University; (5) Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Israel

221/13703 Upregulating Post-Apology Engagement: Concern for the Victimized Group’s Future Vitality Promotes Continued Reconciliatory Effort

(1) Wohl, Michael; (2) Hollingshead, Samantha; (3) Dupuis, Darcy; (4) Tabri, Nassim

(1) Carleton University, Canada; (2) Carleton University, Canada; (3) Seneca College, Canada; (4) Carleton University, Canada

221/13704 The timing of collective apologies

(1) Wenzel, Michael; (2) Lawrence-Wood, Ellia; (3) Okimoto, Tyler; (4) Hornsey, Matthew J.

(1) Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia; (2) University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia; (3) University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia; (4) School of Psychology. University of Queensland. Brisbane. Australia.

221/13705 Designing and implementing social psychological interventions in conflict settings.

(1) Bilali, Rezarta

(1) New York University, New York, USA