Symposia: 221/68 - Contemporary theoretical approaches to Social Identity Theory, Peace & Conflict

Wednesday 5 July
14.30 - 16.10 h.
Andalucía I
The symposium brings together researchers to discuss theoretical advances, and new directions for research in Social Identity Theory (SIT) with a focus on the dynamic role of identity in mediating threats and conflict in increasingly multi-faith and multi-cultural societies.


Neil Ferguson
Psychologist. Professor. Psychology Department. Liverpool Hope University. Liverpool. United Kingdom.


221/6801 Social categorisation, identity and acculturation: Processes underlying peace and conflict between groups

(1) Roscini, Claudia; (2) Stathi, Sofia; (3) Haji, Reeshma

(1) University of Greenwich, UK; (2) University of Greenwich, UK; (3) Laurentian University, Canada

221/6802 Social Identity Theory’s Self-Esteem Hypothesis: A Reformulation and an Extension

(1) Rubin, Mark; (2) Martiny, Sarah E

(1) The University of Newcastle, Australia; (2) UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Norway

221/6803 Identity threat, anxious uncertainty, and reactive ingroup affirmation –how can antisocial outcomes be prevented?

(1) Lüders, Adrian; (2) Jonas, Eva; (3) Fritsche, Immo; (4) Agroskin, Dimitrij

(1) University of Salzburg, Austria; (2) University of Salzburg, Austria; (3) University of Leipzig, Germany; (4) University of Salzburg, Austria

221/6804 Passing the Baton: Identity and collective memory transfer across the generations

(1) Ferguson, Neil

(1) Liverpool Hope University, UK