Symposia: 221/51 - Reasons for hope? Women’s reactions to gender stereotypes

Wednesday 5 July
14.30 - 16.10 h.
We examine subtle cues that trigger implicit and explicit processes reinforcing gender stereotypes, but also counteracting them. Across five presentations, we investigate cultural and identity-based boundary conditions as well as potential interventions against the negative consequences of gender stereotypes.


Soledad de Lemus Martín
Assistant Professor. Social Psychology Department. University of Granada. Granada. Spain.


221/5101 The Activation of Negative Gender Stereotypes in Performance Situations Reduces Women’s Social Motivation

(1) Martiny, Sarah E.; (2) Nikitin, Jana

(1) UiT The Arctic University of Norway; (2) University of Basel, Germany

221/5102 Resisting Implicit Stereotypes through Evaluative and Behavioural Strategies.

(1) van Breen, Jolien; (2) Spears, Russell; (3) Kuppens, Toon; (4) de Lemus Martín, Soledad

(1) University of Groningen, the Netherlands; (2) University of Groningen, the Netherlands; (3) University of Groningen, the Netherlands; (4) Universidad de Granada, Spain

221/5103 Exposure to hostile sexism and gender stereotypes triggers resistance amongst women.

(1) Szastok, Marta; (2) Kossowska, Małgorzata

(1) Jagiellonian University, Poland; (2) Jagiellonian University, Poland

221/5104 Which man is Better in Fat and Lean Times? Perception of communal and agentic men

(1) Kosakowska-Berezecka, Natasza; (2) Besta, Tomasz; (3) Safdar, Saba; (4) Jurek, Paweł; (5) Bhardwaj, Gopa

(1) University of Gdańsk, Poland; (2) University of Gdańsk, Poland; (3) University of Guelph, Canada; (4) University of Gdańsk, Poland; (5) Galgotias University, India

221/5105 Female peers are “social vaccines” who protect women’s self-concept, persistence, and career aspirations in engineering

(1) Dasgupta, Nilanjana

(1) University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA