Symposia: 221/98 - Implicit evaluations: How they change and what they do to close relationships

Wednesday 5 July
14.30 - 16.10 h.
Andalucía II
To better understand romantic relationships, it is important to go beyond explicit evaluations. The present symposium focuses on the assessment of implicit evaluations and on their impact to understand, and predict relationship processes above and beyond explicit evaluations.


Francesca Righetti
Assistant Professor. Department of Experimental and Applied Psychology. VU Amsterdam. Amsterdam. Netherlands.


221/9801 Implicit attitudes can shift to match the ones of a potential romantic partner

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(1) Yale University; (2) Yale University; (3) Yale University; (4) Yale University

221/9802 Specifically aware, globally biased: Specific perceptions predict automatic partner evaluations better than do global evaluations

(1) Meltzer, Andrea; (2) Hicks, Lindsey; (3) McNulty, James

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221/9803 The Heat Is On ... or Maybe Not: Implicit Sexual Desire in Romantic Couples

(1) Reis, Harry; (2) de Jong, David; (3) Birnbaum, Gurit

(1) University of Rochester; (2) Western Carolina University; (3) Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya

221/9804 The hidden costs of sacrifice: Consequences for implicit partner evaluations

(1) Righetti, Francesca; (2) Hofmann, Wilhelm; (3) Pronk, Tila; (4) Van Lange, Paul

(1) VU Amsterdam; (2) University of Cologne; (3) Tilburg University; (4) VU Amsterdam

221/9805 Can Evaluative Conditioning Be Used to Improve Marriage?

(1) McNulty, James; (2) Olson, Michael

(1) Florida State University; (2) University of Tennessee